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Aloha, and thanks for visiting my website!

Yoga can be done by any one, any size, any shape, any age.  Yep, no more excuses!  If you have ever thought of bringing yoga into your life, then do something for you.  What better time to start than now?  Let me take you on that journey. Every pose can be modified to fit your body and your level of fitness.  If you are new to yoga, or haven't practiced in a while, then my gentle approach is just right for you. What are you waiting for, let's do this together.

A little about me:
After two years of training with my Guru, I acquired my first certification through the Sajni School of Yoga in Bangalore, India.  After several years of teaching, I expanded my education and earned my 500 hour certification through the Gita Yoga Learning Center in Duarte, CA/Eugene OR. where I am now a co-owner.  

This beautiful path I have decided to travel has given me the opportunity to teach in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Locally I have been able to teach from the mountains to the desert, to the oceans.  From San Diego to Eugene, from California to South Dakota.    I have also been able to teach in some incredible locations out of my immediate area.  Hawaii, (my home in my heart), Bahamas, Little Cayman, Fiji, Honduras, Cozumel favorite and most challenging...on a live aboard traveling around the Galapagos Islands.  

My passion is traditional Ashtanga/Hatha yoga incorporating the 8 limbs of yoga into every day moments.  I then acquired an interest in Yoga for people over 40 and those who need a more gentle and personal approach to their yoga experience.This brought me to Larry Payne a SAMATA Yoga Center/LMU where I studied Prime of Life Yoga. Keeping that gentle approach to my way of teaching,I acquired some priceless information on Yoga for Backs from Justine Shelton . I decided to further my experience by including Yoga Nidra (aka Yoga Sleep) which is a guided meditation that has been clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia  and PTSD etc.  It allows you to bring yourself to the edge of consciousness which is where healing begins.  Although my first experience with Yoga Nidra was  Bihar, I acquired my certification through Dr. Marc Halpern of the California School of Ayurveda.  I then found the path to Reiki which really compliments my method of bringing self care to anyone and everyone who passes through my classes.

I have also been blessed to take classes and workshops with some amazing instructors.  I would not be where I am without the influence of Pat Collins, Rupa Dore, Gyl Elliott, Larry Payne, Marc Halpern, Mukunda and Cinnamasta Styles, Devarshi Steven Hartman, Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee, Camilla Nair, Stephanie Snyder, Justine Shelton...and so, so many others. 
For me Yoga is a lifestyle and a tool to help you live a calm, happy and balanced life, by teaching Pranayama (breath work), Asanas (poses), Acu Yoga and Mudras (self healers), Meditation and Savasana (final relaxation) in each class.

Co-Owner of Gita Yoga Learning Center
ERYT200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate (Registered with Yoga Alliance)
ERYT500 Hour Teacher Training Certificate    (Registered with Yoga Alliance)
YACEP - Yoga Alliance Continuing Education 
POLY500 - Prime of Life Yoga 500
Certified Yoga Nidra Guide 
Certified Ayurveda Aromatherapy
Reiki Master

Yoga Retreats and Workshops  

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