Yoga with Betsy - Yoga and Energy work for Body, Mind and Spirit

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:   9:00-10:00 am. - Foothill Gym, Monrovia. Free for members, non members can use a day pass $10.00.  Check out monthly memberships. They may be exactly what you need

Thursday: 9:00 am - Duarte Senior Center Yoga 55+ (the next 8 week session are $24.00 and begin April 18th.  Contact the Duarte Senior Center for more information. (Next Session Begins October 3rd)


Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Email, text or call for an appointment 

Reiki/Energy Work.  I use Reiki inspired healing methods to help you move energy through blockages you may have built up.  Reiki can enable relaxation. It is a safe and natural method for supporting mental, physical and spiritual health and well being. There is no real set time for each session.  Healing moves at it's own pace. Typically a session lasts anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes.   DISTANCE SESSIONS AVAILABLE AS WELL 

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy- 
I use traditional methods to find the perfect essential oils that will work well with your personal needs. (ie. your Dosha, Chakra blockages and what your body, mind and spirit are going through)

Private or Semi Private Specialized Yoga Classes - I have certifications in specialized Yoga practices that can help those who are going through specific issues.  Everyone has their own body issues.  Pain can be a difficult thing to live with but with the right combination of stretching and strengthening relief can be in sight.  I work with people dealing with pain, inflammation, injuries, along with every day wear on the body.  If you think yoga would be good for you, but you aren't comfortable with group situations or if you aren't sure you can actually do yoga, let me help you.  Yoga is good for every BODY, and every BODY is different and needs different kinds of attention.  
Guided Meditation-I have training in several types of guided meditation.  Not only can meditation help release physical, spiritual and emotional pain, it can also help you find your way through life and your healing process.  PTSD, physical pain, emotional pain and blockages, spiritual guidance, letting go of unhealthy baggage.  Meditation is not about emptying the mind but rather recognizing and addressing what you are holding on to that is keeping your from growing, healing, and moving on.  Yoga Nidra is a very effective tool in tackling these issues, becoming aware of your body and allowing yourself to recognize and let go of those things you have no control over.

Gentle and Chair Yoga

Gentle Yoga practices are good for everyone. I can customize your practice to fit whatever might be going on with your body from injury, inactivity, aging, or just simply because you prefer a gentle approach. This method also works very well for physically fit people who are in need of gentle strength training, stretching and breathing techniques. Breathwork can be good as well for everyone including athletes, divers, runners, swimmers, and also those with breathing challenges.
Chair yoga is not just for seniors.  It is the perfect way to continue to keep yoga in your life through physical issues, healing from medical procedures, or if you feel you are struggling with balance, strength etc.  It is a wonderful alternative to a traditional yoga class.
We use the chair as the ultimate prop to help build  confidence, strength, balance and to continue to allow the body to move in a very gentle and supported way.  Although it is not just for seniors, seniors can find it the perfect class for them.  It is also very beneficial to those working through fibromyalgia, lupus, RA, chronic pain,  etc. 
This class will begin in January at Foothill Gym in Monrovia.  Stay tuned for updated information. You may want to email me and join my mailing list to make sure you get the latest news on classes


***************Continuing Education and CEUs**********
Gita Yoga Learning Center
At GYL we are committed to bring you continuing education opportunities, with both of our instructors, with specialized workshops.  If there is a topic that is of interest to you, please let us know.  We have classes in the Monrovia, California area 

CEU's are available for certified instructors at most workshops (Yoga Alliance units available with Betsy)

Yoga Nidra CD

This is a 45 minute guided meditation that is designed to get you to that place just before sleep, the edge of consciousness, where healing begins. 

Yoga Nidra has been proven to bring relief to those struggling with stress, anxiety, chronic illness, pain, and PTSD etc.
If you are interested, please contact me at

CD- $20.00 - Yoga Nidra.

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